Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year New Shop

I have been working the last few months to bring a little dream into reality.  It is amazing just how much our children truly do for us.  How much they open our eyes, teach us, guide us.  For so many reasons they are a blessing from God....even through all the hard, tiring, frustrating moments.  They never fail to be a gift to us.  My son has proven to be an inspiration for my new shop Learn Lie Hope Apparel.  I have always had a creative side, one that I have wanted to tap into but never quite put my finger on what or how.  I have also always known that I want to be home to raise, teach, and watch my son grow. But in that, I will admit I lost my own identity somewhat, being consumed in mommyhood.  A few months back, this idea came to me.  I had ideas bouncing around in my head of shirt designs I would love Caleb to wear.  I also am an avid small business shopper myself. Then a light went off...why don't I just do it.  Go for it.  Create my own line of shirts.  So that is what I did.  Not only is it something I am truly proud of, excited about, and guided by my love, hope, and dreams for my son...but it is something entirely my own.  My ideas, my hobby, my vision.  Something beyond nursing, changing, playing with, and caring for Caleb.  Something more than the never ending laundry, cooking, cleaning, Target runs.  Though I love those pieces of me, and my life.  I need to break it up with something for ME.  No I don't get alone time like I used to, or massages and manis/pedis as often as I'd like.  I can't just run off to dinner with friends, or go shopping for hours like I once did.  And that's ok.  But this I can do.  In the few hours between Caleb going to bed, and myself going to bed.  In the few minutes in the day where I get a second to myself.  And in all the other hours I will continue to devote to my son and maintaining my home.  So though it's new, and a very small business...I am proud.  I am happy.  And I have nothing but positive vibes and hopes for my little shop.  And if nothing else, it allows me a tiny bit of time to let my imagination run...and hopefully others will like what I come up with!

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